Going Schizophrenic this evening #WATMCI #BVBFCB #ROMINT #ATMMLL

Crazy to hear Beal had to play while grieving, but really glad the whole team supported him during that time yesterday! #DCFamily #Wizards

Love waking up to a Ravens win

‘One of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen’: Lamar Jackson believed Ravens could win, then made it happen

Fantastic breakdown of the awful and disastrous European Super League on @TheAthletic today!

European Super League explained: the contracts, plots and threats that shook football to its core

About life outside of work...

Little known thing about me: I take my fun very seriously!

The past year, living through this global pandemic, has definitely had its ups and downs. In these difficult times, I’m incredibly grateful to have found my place as part of a few wonderful online communities.

I’m proud to have recreated this sense of “life outside of work”, making new friends along the way!

To illustrate this point, I now have a regular spot on a weekly podcast, discussing all things Manchester City Football Club.

Feel free to watch this latest episode and share any feedback — I’m always keen to engage with fellow sports fans: ⚽️🏉🏈🏀⚾️🏒🏎 — or to discover what everyone has focused on OUTSIDE of work since Covid (or prior to that!)

Had to break out the #BelAir on this sunny weekend @MikeDSykes #TheKicksWeWear

Ahead of #PSGASM, a great memory from last year’s epic 3-3 draw with the one and only @walexturner

I’m definitely over the top tonight: not sure how she keeps up with me sometimes haha 😛 #TibzTheSportsGuy

The NHL is almost back so here’s a good opportunity to share one of my favorite things of all time: watching hockey games in Canadian French

It makes sense considering the history but I didn’t know it was possible until I discovered it last year!

Perfect end of a two weeks-long holiday:
- ⚽️ #CHEMCI at 5:30pm.
- 🏈 #Ravens at Bengals at 7pm.
- 🍝 Lasagna dinner at 8pm.
- 🏉 #ASMR92 at 9pm.
- 😴 Sleep at 11pm.

I’m a simple and happy man!

Me, a @WashWizards fan: “Aww man, I feel sad that the Wiz traded John Wall, even for Russ”

My wife (a Maryland native and formerly living in DC) who turned me into a Wizards fan: “Well, they couldn’t win anything for 10 years, so maybe the change is good…”

It’s Steelers week for this Ravens fan! 💪🏼🐦 🏈 #RavensFlock