“When a baby cuts his teeth, his parents give him a stump of baguette to chew off,” [. .] “When a child grows up, the first errand he runs on his own is to buy a baguette at the bakery.”


In the UK […] a YouGov poll in 2019 found that 30% of Britons did not know what the clitoris was (29% of women, 31% of men), and in 2021, the Guardian noted that this percentage rose to 37%.

Let’s goooooo, my guy!

France’s highest court has ruled that a man fired by a Paris-based consulting firm for allegedly failing to be “fun” enough at work was wrongfully dismissed.


Double Bucket List: seeing @WeArePhoenix at @OlympiaHall tonight 🤩 🎶 🎸 🎙️ 🥁

Honey I’m home! @FrenchTeam #Worldcup #AllezLesBleus #FiersDetreBleus

I absolutely cannot wait to receive the @FrenchTeam jerseys that I’ve ordered for my wife and I. I picked up the home kit with the WC 2018 badge (gold on gold), and I got her the away toile de jouy one :)

In addition to moving to our new apartment, the next few weeks are also full of concerts: Kid Cudi, Phoenix, and Pusha T. Very excited!

Finally started Andor and… it doesn’t disappoint!

Similar to Rogue One, this is a treat! | []

Lime scooters lobbying efforts.

I just received this email and I’m unsure how I feel about this…

On the one hand it’s a bit chaotic, on the other it’s very convenient, and allows more people to find alternative transportation methods compared to the Metro/Taxis/Uber.

But emailing your customer base without giving them facts is equivalent to sharing fake news and masking ‘opinion-as-fact’ in a way that is reminiscent of US Republicans and far-right politicians.

I believe more strongly in Regulate It than in Ban It.

Plus, the real problem in my mind lies with people, not in the devices themselves. There are lots of examples of things that don’t work here in France due to people being too selfish or individualists.

Related to @microdotblog: just renewed my licence for the year — that was an easy one 😅

Seeing my wife play around Substack + the Twitter shenanigans has me rethinking social media + communication with my friends & peers.

There’s a world where I dedicate enough time across DayOne,, and Substack to link them all together…