My Eternals Review

This is was long and had occasional pacing issues but I’m SO GLAD I finally got to see it and on the big screen!

As someone who loves storytelling and world-building and who grew up as a HUGE mythology geek, I really liked this!

Looking forward to seeing some of these characters again!!!

As an early fan of @Path, I’m excited to see what is going to come out of @DaveMorin’s new @OfflineVC and the promise of ”well-being term sheets”

Dave & Brit Morin launch Offline.VC

“Web2 = login with Facebook or Google.
Web3 = log in with your Crypto wallet but don’t steal my data.”

👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 @PetBerisha

Couple of nice memories from the past few days… okay a lot of it is food-related, sorry-not-sorry

Crazy to hear Beal had to play while grieving, but really glad the whole team supported him during that time yesterday! #DCFamily #Wizards

I love that Twitter is now getting a partial re-birth linked to the Crypto community and Jack’s buy-in. I just wish they would focus on the basics a bit more first: moderation, user safety, etc.

Happy 10th Birthday to ‘The Verge’

Happy first decade to The Verge, arguably one of the most important tech media publication of the past decade!

I remember how innovative they were from the very start!

”The Verge predates Alexa and the entire concept of Netflix original programming. We are older than Google Photos, Timehop, and Peloton; we launched with a glossy story on the first Nest thermostat. The very first Oculus VR prototype was shown to us in a Las Vegas parking lot. The Verge is older than Slack; we are about as old as movies in 4K. All of that in just 10 years.

Random shots and recent life updates, including predominantly some delicious food!

Beer Advent Calendar just arrived, courtesy of @1PetiteMousse: can’t wait for December now!

Fourth (4th!) time being in the office since Covid started in March 2020.


Love waking up to a Ravens win

‘One of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen’: Lamar Jackson believed Ravens could win, then made it happen