Starting a new role today, overseeing the community and customer education at @GetStarkCo – so incredibly excited and humbled to be joining this team!

OK, time to start the final season of #Barry!

Ok let’s start with this: Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse might be the best and most ambitious Marvel movie by far and my mind was blown multiple times throughout with the way they handled certain things visually.

Story-wise I can’t wait to see the next chapter.

This movie and it’s characters just have so much art and feel so whole! Gonna give myself some time but already looking forward to revisiting this!

Honestly quite a fun movie, even if the remake wasn’t necessary. Great little summer fun, updated for 2023.

Pulled at my heartstrings to see Lance Reddick tho 😢 ❤️

¡Vamos Mi Sevilla! #UEL #SEVROM #NuncaTeRindas

Ted Lasso finale, g’wan

Fast X: Better than 8 & 9 and I’m here for the gender-fluid Joker-level sociopathic version of Jason Momoa as a Chaos Agent

“Drops of God” has been such a good and refreshing show to watch! #trakt

My wife has been diagnosed with HG a few weeks ago and this is the most powerless, frustrated, occasionally angry, definitely stressful that I’ve felt in forever, possibly ever.

Hell on earth for her and seeing her go through it is so incredibly hard.

Finally watching the Super Mario Bros movie and I have a feeling this will be much better than Fast X. Also: Jack Black, what a guy!

“He’s the promise that sports sells to kids and families across the world.”


Morning shootaround

A great — and I mean GREAT day here today with my wife and Jolie Maman

Some pretty good days lately:

  • A new incense holder
  • Sunset
  • meeting with friends
  • seeing Bruce Springsteen live
  • little walks around our neighborhood
  • more sky views

Gardening day today 🪴👨‍🌾

I’m always cynically pessimistic when you put an Advertising/Marketing person in charge instead of a product person.

Microsoft (2000s), Twitter, Apple (90s)… we’ve seen how these things turn out and spoiler alert, it ain’t great!

Made some new friends today:

Truly a joy to find myself in the supermarket and using Clear to tick off items between aisles today!

Brought back the memories of working at at the beginning of my career and using the app daily for work stuff and personal errands too!

May the 4th be with you (and yours!)

.@SamLee: 👏 👏 👏

“If this is your cyborg sent to obliterate the record books, then he often looks a lot like a regular 22-year-old simply having a good time, too.”

If anyone needs some perspective today: this is it!

Sports-heavy weekend continues :)

Memories from last Sunday’s NBA Playoffs watch party in a 1930’s movie theater, in wonderful company 🤩 🏀