AO Scott on ending his career as a Film Critic

I’m not a fan of modern fandom. This isn’t only because I’ve been swarmed on Twitter by angry devotees of Marvel and DC and (more recently) “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” It’s more that the behavior of these social media hordes represents an anti-democratic, anti-intellectual mind-set that is harmful to the cause of art and antithetical to the spirit of movies. Fan culture is rooted in conformity, obedience, group identity and mob behavior, and its rise mirrors and models the spread of intolerant, authoritarian, aggressive tendencies in our politics and our communal life.


Lovely lazy Sunday

What a lovely day, @FranceRugby #FRAvWAL

Always great to get back to #QuaiBranly but even more so for this Kimonos exhibition!

I swear John Mayer has looked 35 for the past 12 years!

Great little NPR Tiny Desk session with Bono and The Edge (!!)

But why does The Edge look like EVERY GUITAR TEACHER EVER?! 😂 🎸

Day 17 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: early

Like the early evening sky I captured a few days ago :)

If wine [in America] has an “old people problem” it’s simply because old people still buy the industry’s starter wines.


🛣️ Day 16 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “Road”.

Taking a day-long road trip to Normandy with my parents to visit my 96-yo grandfather 👴🏻

Arguably one of my favorite curated playlists on @AppleMusic

Day 15 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “Patience”.

Like the patience required to wait for my lunch at 2:30pm… 😂 😤 🍔 ABC menu at PNY

Let’s go #Birdland ⚾ 🐦

Good afternoon ☕ 📚

Day 14 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “Horizon”.

”The power of sport to lead while governments flounder. And no sport owes more to migration than football

| “Gary Lineker won his battle with the BBC. Football’s protest era can now kick on” - British GQ

Elizabeth Warren on the Silicon Valley Bank shenanigans

So… Can we bring Everything Everywhere back in theaters worldwide pls?

⚾️ 🐦 RIP 😢

Day 12 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “shiny”.

Today, I’m choosing to share our Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filters from the lovely folks at Hanoi Corner

I feel bad for anyone who didn’t watch #LeCrunch (aka the #ENGvFRA @SixNationsRugby game) today!

Day 11 of the March Photoblogging Challenge

Day 11 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “gimrack”.

I had to look up what it means, and it turns out it’s similar to knickknack.

My favorite one is this framed letter that Shana wrote after our first date, when I got home and she was traveling for work. Our first date was in London on Feb. 14th 2017, and our second date was a month later in Amsterdam for an extended weekend together.

Next to it stands a Polaroid photo of us on Times Square taken by local friends of ours, in November 2017 as we wrapped our world tour together.

Memo to the BBC

Perhaps it would have been useful, in the case of Gary Lineker and Match of the Day, to look more closely at the writing on the side of your own building:
It is an old quote from George Orwell: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”


Article screenshot

Ngl: quite enjoying this new Miley Cirus album so far… 💃 🎤