What I’m up to now…


Since early 2019, I’ve relocated back home to France, and currently live in Paris.


In 2020, I bought an apartment in Paris with my wife, stayed in Paris during both lockdowns, and over the holiday season.


I’m working in the field of Customer Experience for an early-stage startup at the intersection of Sports & Technology. The company is still in stealth mode for now and I’ll share more once we’re public.


Recent recommendations:

🎬 Spider-Man No Way Home, The Matrix Ressurection, The Velvet Underground
📺 Binged a lot of different shows over the holidays: Mythic Quest, the fifth/previous season of The Expanse, the final season of American Gods, Hawkeye, the first season of Fleabag, and the pretty hilarious/interesting Orelsan docu-series 🎶 John Mayer’s Sob Rock was one of my favorite albums of the past year, highly recommend. Otherwise, listen to Complexion’s The Future Beats Show, always!

📚 Currently making my way through ”Circe” by Madeline Miller, as a recommendation from my fellow Crypto Coven community. 📰 Reading a lot of content from The Athletic these days! 🎮 My wife and I recently upgraded our iCloud account and are playing around some Apple Arcade games… So far, I’d recommend Castlevania Grimoire of Souls, Fantasian, SongPop Party, Reigns, and Reigns Beyond!