She used our leftover Truffle & Ham Mac & Cheeseand turned them into Croquetas 🤩

Going Schizophrenic this evening #WATMCI #BVBFCB #ROMINT #ATMMLL

My Eternals Review

This is was long and had occasional pacing issues but I’m SO GLAD I finally got to see it and on the big screen!

As someone who loves storytelling and world-building and who grew up as a HUGE mythology geek, I really liked this!

Looking forward to seeing some of these characters again!!!

As an early fan of @Path, I’m excited to see what is going to come out of @DaveMorin’s new @OfflineVC and the promise of ”well-being term sheets”

Dave & Brit Morin launch Offline.VC

“Web2 = login with Facebook or Google.
Web3 = log in with your Crypto wallet but don’t steal my data.”

👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 @PetBerisha

Couple of nice memories from the past few days… okay a lot of it is food-related, sorry-not-sorry

Crazy to hear Beal had to play while grieving, but really glad the whole team supported him during that time yesterday! #DCFamily #Wizards

I love that Twitter is now getting a partial re-birth linked to the Crypto community and Jack’s buy-in. I just wish they would focus on the basics a bit more first: moderation, user safety, etc.

Happy 10th Birthday to ‘The Verge’

Happy first decade to The Verge, arguably one of the most important tech media publication of the past decade!

I remember how innovative they were from the very start!

”The Verge predates Alexa and the entire concept of Netflix original programming. We are older than Google Photos, Timehop, and Peloton; we launched with a glossy story on the first Nest thermostat. The very first Oculus VR prototype was shown to us in a Las Vegas parking lot. The Verge is older than Slack; we are about as old as movies in 4K. All of that in just 10 years.

Random shots and recent life updates, including predominantly some delicious food!