Thaï food 🥘 🍚 🍗 🥢

Spring time 📸

A fun start of the week riding on the longboard, yesterday! #Funemployment

Fun evening seeing #JeffGoldblum live with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

Went supporting our friend running the #MarathonDeParis today

Finishing the day by watching my beloved #Birdland #Orioles

Friday is Market Day

Josephine the neighborhood sheep

A great day today, punctuated by our first apéro on the Balcony, what with the higher-than-usual temperature and all around sunny day today!

Last night at the @ParisBasketball game 🏀 The new arena will open next January and will be a 6mn bike ride from home so we’re tempted to get Season Tickets 🎫

Reading about “Wavelengths” reminds me how, fundamentally, my friend groups are so segmented that social apps and group chats are not quite for me 😞

Monday Funday

👸🏻 🥕 🍰 Wonderfully Lazy Sunday

Saturday adventures


Lovely lazy Sunday

What a lovely day, @FranceRugby #FRAvWAL

Always great to get back to #QuaiBranly but even more so for this Kimonos exhibition!

Day 17 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: early

Like the early evening sky I captured a few days ago :)

🛣️ Day 16 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “Road”.

Taking a day-long road trip to Normandy with my parents to visit my 96-yo grandfather 👴🏻

Day 15 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “Patience”.

Like the patience required to wait for my lunch at 2:30pm… 😂 😤 🍔 ABC menu at PNY

Good afternoon ☕ 📚

Day 14 of the March Photoblogging Challenge: “Horizon”.