Back home, jet lagged, and so happy to be back where we belong

I’m a simple man: if I’m in the US, I need my share of bbq & Buffalo wings 🍗

2 months since my last haircut — rarely been more excited to get a fresh trim! 💇🏻‍♂️ #NYReady

Didn’t work out today for the first time in a few weeks (I’ve been doing daily workout since wife left for a few weeks)

But this evening walk delivered the views!

Switching to a low-carb vegetarian diet (coupled with daily workouts) while my wife is away, and before the upcoming US trip.

Recent meals include: fried curry tofu, lots of konjac, healthy salads, peanut-gochujang tofu…

And today: vegan bolognaise with konjac noodles 🍝

Packed day in Montmartre today for no reason whatsoever

Also: kiiiiicks

Morning duty: - voting in our French presidential election (1st round) 🗳 - dropping my wife at the station before she flies to the US for a month (before I join her later next month) ✈️

It’s snowing outside for the second time in a week, but at least there’s this beer and the baseball season just started!

A wonderful afternoon outside and a long walk to checkout the construction of our future home!