Literal first drink outdoors this year! #EnTerasse

Cocktail Hour:
- 1 oz Agave
- 0.5 oz St Germain
- fill with litchi juice

Thank you @laurenzcollins — I’ve been so flabbergasted by this monstrosity!

If we could at least not call these ‘tacos’, everything would be better in the world 😅🌯

Pandemic, lockdown, and sunshine: Cocktail season is upon us!

Virtual Office Activity: @Spendesk Cooking Class with a famous chef! Can’t wait to taste this tiramisu!

Was wonderful to take a day off today! Birthday week + Lunar New Year celebrations + a lovely winter walk in town!

New delivery from @1PetiteMousse — love to discover new different types of beers

Decadent leftover lunch: Southern-American style chicken & waffles