Korean Movie night

One of the many perks living in Paris: I’ve got an all-you-can-eat pass to go to the cinema!

This evening I was planning an outing to an art house theater which was planning to show a 35mm screening of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance however their 35mm projector is down. So as a backup they’re showing The Host — which was also in my list…

When the President @EmmanuelMacron is planning a Public Service Announcement speech related to Covid, this is how we dine:

Street food evening at Belleville tonight #LeFoodMarket #KimchiHotdog

Discovered this Brazilian-Japanese bar & restaurant in the middle of the city! Fantastic find!

Also, fun fact: São Paulo has the biggest number of Japanese people outside of Japan, which I had no idea about

Y’all call this candy in the US 🇺🇸 I call this sugar-coated-in-flavoring-and-coloring

A perfect Sunday morning: - walking to get a morning coffee at a café terrace - picking up some pastries and fresh produce - preparing a homemade brunch, along with fresh juice and coffee

My CotCot is back!

My local fried chicken place has finally reopened after months of shutting down during the winter and pandemic!

I’m super excited as they’re part of the way that I experience the neighborhood and I’m mildly addicted to fried chicken!

This makes for a lovely weekend outing and conclusion to the big reopening week here in France!

Literal first drink outdoors this year! #EnTerasse