A perfect Sunday morning: - walking to get a morning coffee at a café terrace - picking up some pastries and fresh produce - preparing a homemade brunch, along with fresh juice and coffee

My CotCot is back!

My local fried chicken place has finally reopened after months of shutting down during the winter and pandemic!

I’m super excited as they’re part of the way that I experience the neighborhood and I’m mildly addicted to fried chicken!

This makes for a lovely weekend outing and conclusion to the big reopening week here in France!

Literal first drink outdoors this year! #EnTerasse

Cocktail Hour:
- 1 oz Agave
- 0.5 oz St Germain
- fill with litchi juice

Thank you @laurenzcollins — I’ve been so flabbergasted by this monstrosity!

If we could at least not call these ‘tacos’, everything would be better in the world 😅🌯

Pandemic, lockdown, and sunshine: Cocktail season is upon us!

Virtual Office Activity: @Spendesk Cooking Class with a famous chef! Can’t wait to taste this tiramisu!

Was wonderful to take a day off today! Birthday week + Lunar New Year celebrations + a lovely winter walk in town!

New delivery from @1PetiteMousse — love to discover new different types of beers

Decadent leftover lunch: Southern-American style chicken & waffles

The best NYE is the one you have in your own home #BonneAnnee #2021 #HappyNewYear #Byebye2020

My German coworker came to Paris bearing GIFTS 🎁 🍻 🇩🇪

Anyone who knows my wife knows how much she loves cheese— more than dessert! So I got her a CHEESE ADVENT CALENDAR this year 😆 🧀

Getting ready for Thanksgiving (since Thursday isn’t a holiday in France, we waited until the weekend)

Two highlights of the day #GoodVibesOnly: - family sent over food goodies and specialities from back home - and a very good friend working for Puma gifted me this season’s @ManCity home kit

❤️ 🤩 😭

5:45pm local time, US election day. Beer o’clock? Bourbon Time?

Fuck 2020, we livin’! Invest in yourself, your home, your life 😊

Nice day out today: running errands in style, shopping, and starting a locally-sourced liquor cabinet

First beer and first pizza in 3 months, had to go to the award winning #Bijou

Dim sums and the slow end of my keto diet/transitioning to low-carb

A big reason as to why I’m so happy to have started working at Spendesk this year is due to the amazingly welcoming team of humans I get to work with everyday.

To finish the busy year on a good note, the entire Customer Success team is playing a little game of Secret Guardian Angels: each of us is assigned a colleague, and, until the end of the year, the goal is to try to make their days a little happier with small attentions.

Today, I was delighted to arrive at the office with a little note and some sugar puffs pastries 🥐 🥰