Fourth (4th!) time being in the office since Covid started in March 2020.


The end of a long freaking week! Final stretch before going on holidays on Tuesday 💪🏼

Work hard, but don’t take yourself too seriously!

Virtual Office Activity: @Spendesk Cooking Class with a famous chef! Can’t wait to taste this tiramisu!

Company Corporate Swag leveled up this year! 😷👕 @Spendesk

I’m the type of person who creates a custom @Loom video to respond to my customers, AND I WAVE AT THE END WHEN I SAY GOODBYE

I feel incredibly grateful to our leadership and HR/Admin team for ensuring that we all feel cared for.

The people-first approach taken by our leaders is refreshing and continues to comfort me in the decision I made a year ago to join @Spendesk!

A big reason as to why I’m so happy to have started working at Spendesk this year is due to the amazingly welcoming team of humans I get to work with everyday.

To finish the busy year on a good note, the entire Customer Success team is playing a little game of Secret Guardian Angels: each of us is assigned a colleague, and, until the end of the year, the goal is to try to make their days a little happier with small attentions.

Today, I was delighted to arrive at the office with a little note and some sugar puffs pastries 🥐 🥰

Only in France… 🍾🥂🥳💜🏖 @Spendesk

Office watching-party for #GoT! 🤘🏼 @spendesk 📺

So yeah today was a great first day at @Spendesk! Incredibly helpful, friendly, and welcoming team and some nice company perks to get his party started! 💪🏼