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This resonates heavily!

“Stop looking for a place you fit in. The world I’ve created for myself, the friends that I have, that’s my world. There’s not another country or place to go to. I accept being different, and I enjoy it.”

@MrEddieHuang Has Come Down from the Mountain

People who have known me for over 5 years know of my love of indie publications! Stoked to have supported @CourierMedia for years and even more so since @DanielGiaco joined!

Thank you @laurenzcollins — I’ve been so flabbergasted by this monstrosity!

If we could at least not call these ‘tacos’, everything would be better in the world 😅🌯

Been listening to my pop punk staples for the past week and it’s legitimately helped with my mental health!

Fall Out Boy, MCR, Simple Plan, Blink, Green Day, Sun 41, where my pop punk squad at?!

No joke, I’ve been listening to this podcast since I was 13-15, about 15 years ago!

Still one of my favorite shows to listen to today!