“We want a little 82-year old granny to come in the morning to have her coffee. If the place ends up being Instagram-cool, okay, sure. But the goal isn’t Instagram, the goal is the granny. If granny comes, the rest will come.


24hr in London for work but my best surprise and discovery was staying at the Standard 🤩

Back home, jet lagged, and so happy to be back where we belong

À propos of nothing: I can confirm that tourists have started traveling back to Paris. In the second half of the summer last year, it was mostly Europeans (Italians and Spaniards, predominantly.) This time around, the number of overseas US visitors is skyrocketing by the day!

A trip down to my parents’ place means that I’ve been able to recover a few records!

My parents are giving me a serious case of wanderlust!

Memories from my trip around the world, on a warm summer day in Bali


They moved to exotic locales to work through the pandemic in style. But now tax trouble, breakups and Covid guilt are setting in.