“Modern life is mostly bullshit, so why not pogo your way to the grave?”

Green Day’s new album Saviors reviewed on The New Yorker

My daughter might be born later today so if @ManCity could give the Scouters a proper slapping today, that’s be great, kthxbye 😶‍🌫️ #MCILIV

Love this idea from @Wired:

The tech economy is all about growth. What if it maximized something else for a change?


NYTimes: The Call and Matthew Perry’s death

The Call

If you’re fortunate to live long enough, eventually you get The Call. Sometimes it’s an actual call, sometimes a social media post or a conversation on the street. But the message is the same: A friend of your youth has died.

The death of Matthew Perry was sad for all the reasons it is sad when a gifted, nimble, charming performer who has shared his struggles dies too young. But it was deepened by the particular relationship of “Friends” to its audience. If you connected with the show the way the show wanted to connect with you, the weekend’s news was a global version of The Call.


Going to an office for work today, for the first time in over 2 years. Ask me anything.

(Remote Work is everything / the logistics of commuting and in-office are exhausting!)

Another day, another @ParisBasketball game, another win!

5-for-5 this season so far across 2 different competitions

Been meaning to read this for years so glad to finally catch-up via the Audiobook

Rugby night 🏉 🥃


🏀📺 2 years after its release, the NBA finally uploaded this documentary about the Basketball Scene in Paris for free on their YT channel!

Really loved the content and format!

The Champion’s League is back, baby!

Paris Basketball season opener LFG!

Tonight’s double-feature:

⚽️ Manchester City’s home opener against Newcastle #MCINEW #CmonCity

🏉 France’s last test game against Fiji, before we host our Rugby World Cup in just a few weeks! #FRAvFIJ #NeFaisonsXV #AllezLesBleus

Home 🏡 🌞

Traveling by trainSwimming in the poolRelaxingViews from Antibes, French RivieraSwimming pool

Another little solo walk in the forest today

Walking in the Woods

Never Underestimate The Power of Speaking French in Paris www.nytimes.com/2023/08/0…

So excited for the start of the season and this Community Shield game! C’mon City!

Weekend starting right with a total home cleanup, followed by the start of the Rugby #SummerSeries #AllezLesBleus

Freelance and looking for work

👋🏼 It’s been a few months since I’ve gotten back to freelancing and I wanted to share that I have some availability between now and the end of the year.

💼 I’m looking for additional work in Customer Success / Product Marketing starting at the end of August.

🙋🏻‍♂️I’m flexible but typically specialize in early stage startups and small companies looking for a Jack-of-all-trade profile, across a wide range of industries.

You can learn more about my work via my portfolio website (http://Tibz.work/) and my DMs are opened for more discussions.

As always, any repost/reshare is appreciated!

Brunch and an art gallery

Good practice, with a great friend

A great weekend

Truly wasn’t ready for how delicious the pancakes were going to be today:

Goofing around today