The end of a long freaking week! Final stretch before going on holidays on Tuesday 💪🏼

For our last weekend together until she travels to see her family, we ended up going to Versailles: visiting the Royal Palace by day and enjoying the Lights & Fountains show by night!

Korean Movie night

One of the many perks living in Paris: I’ve got an all-you-can-eat pass to go to the cinema!

This evening I was planning an outing to an art house theater which was planning to show a 35mm screening of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance however their 35mm projector is down. So as a backup they’re showing The Host — which was also in my list…

Went dogsitting in the city with @chrstnerode’s wonderful Yoshi! We had a fantastic time with our new friend 🤩

Today’s trip to the islands across from the coast: Sainte Marguerite

When the President @EmmanuelMacron is planning a Public Service Announcement speech related to Covid, this is how we dine:

Street food evening at Belleville tonight #LeFoodMarket #KimchiHotdog

Discovered this Brazilian-Japanese bar & restaurant in the middle of the city! Fantastic find!

Also, fun fact: São Paulo has the biggest number of Japanese people outside of Japan, which I had no idea about

Y’all call this candy in the US 🇺🇸 I call this sugar-coated-in-flavoring-and-coloring

À propos of nothing: I can confirm that tourists have started traveling back to Paris. In the second half of the summer last year, it was mostly Europeans (Italians and Spaniards, predominantly.) This time around, the number of overseas US visitors is skyrocketing by the day!

The immediate follow-up for me now is to think about vs DayOne vs Tumblr (also an Automattic acquisition)

For the use that I personally have, all of these have inter-connections…