“Drops of God” has been such a good and refreshing show to watch! #trakt

My wife has been diagnosed with HG a few weeks ago and this is the most powerless, frustrated, occasionally angry, definitely stressful that I’ve felt in forever, possibly ever.

Hell on earth for her and seeing her go through it is so incredibly hard.

Finally watching the Super Mario Bros movie and I have a feeling this will be much better than Fast X. Also: Jack Black, what a guy!

Morning shootaround

Gardening day today 🪴👨‍🌾

Made some new friends today:

Truly a joy to find myself in the supermarket and using Clear to tick off items between aisles today!

Brought back the memories of working at @Realmacsoftware.com at the beginning of my career and using the app daily for work stuff and personal errands too!

May the 4th be with you (and yours!)

Sports-heavy weekend continues :)

Memories from last Sunday’s NBA Playoffs watch party in a 1930’s movie theater, in wonderful company 🤩 🏀

Life lately

Adventures adventures ⚽️ ☕️ 🍪

Lovely afternoon/evening out

Today’s #Birdland @Orioles-affiliated hat: the Cangrejos Fantasmas del Chesapeake (the Ghost Crabs of the Chesapeake) aka the Copa de la Diversion alternate version of the @BowieBaysox

Really excited for tonight’s #MCIFCB Champions League game tonight! Hoping for a strong showing by City! #UCL

Cannot wait for the Springnsteen concert in 6 weeks!

Discovering the French city of Nancy today #Hipstamatic

My wife and I recently recorded a one-off podcast to discuss our perspective on our multicultural relationship.

Would love some feedback if y’all find it insightful! 😊 🎧

Thaï food 🥘 🍚 🍗 🥢

Spring time 📸

A fun start of the week riding on the longboard, yesterday! #Funemployment

Fun evening seeing #JeffGoldblum live with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

Went supporting our friend running the #MarathonDeParis today

Finishing the day by watching my beloved #Birdland #Orioles