À propos of nothing: I can confirm that tourists have started traveling back to Paris. In the second half of the summer last year, it was mostly Europeans (Italians and Spaniards, predominantly.) This time around, the number of overseas US visitors is skyrocketing by the day!

The immediate follow-up for me now is to think about vs DayOne vs Tumblr (also an Automattic acquisition)

For the use that I personally have, all of these have inter-connections…

A perfect Sunday morning: - walking to get a morning coffee at a café terrace - picking up some pastries and fresh produce - preparing a homemade brunch, along with fresh juice and coffee

My first bike in my adult life! (MBK Super Sport from the late 80s)

A trip down to my parents’ place means that I’ve been able to recover a few records!

One last little walk in Montmartre before going on a weeklong holiday ✌🏼

Trying to think about what would be the simplest/cheapest and overall best way to set up an automated newsletter whenever I post something on 🤔

Maybe something based on the RSS feed of my “Life” category to keep up with friends & family…

Literal first drink outdoors this year! #EnTerasse

I stopped caring what people thought about me at 18 years old, and I can’t stress enough how great it’s been for my own mental health, sense of success, and dealing with success or failure!

Monday Wisdom: Be kind to others but don’t forget to be even kinder to yourself!

A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to treat ourselves and wanted to make sure we’d remember this difficult 2020-2021 in a positive light.

We had our photos taken by @FlaneriePhoto on an early morning in the City. Love how it turned out!

People who have known me for over 5 years know of my love of indie publications! Stoked to have supported @CourierMedia for years and even more so since @DanielGiaco joined!

Cocktail Hour:
- 1 oz Agave
- 0.5 oz St Germain
- fill with litchi juice

My first concert was on April 14th, 2004. (First concert away from going with my parents, etc.) Ever since then, something interesting has ALWAYS happened on April 14th. Let’s see if it all goes according to plan tomorrow :)

The other thing that drives me 🍌/🥜 is organizing social group gatherings (which are illegal for the time being BTW). Sometimes it’s really tiring living in a country where the default culture is to do as you please, regardless of official government guidelines… 🤬😤

Having a hard time empathising with French people going on holidays to Spain rn. Besides the legally-gray area (we’re currently in lockdown), the audacity of traveling abroad while the pandemic rages on feels incredibly selfish. We’re barely supposed to leave our 10km radius.

We’re on another snow alert until tomorrow afternoon but here I am squeezing in a quick run… 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🥶

Big throwback #OnThisDay: a hot afternoon walking around in Dubai :)

This #TibzWorldTour was definitely the trip of a lifetime!

Taking a few days off, and really started with waking up at 6am to do a morning photo shoot with my wife, in Paris 🤩

Been listening to my pop punk staples for the past week and it’s legitimately helped with my mental health!

Fall Out Boy, MCR, Simple Plan, Blink, Green Day, Sun 41, where my pop punk squad at?!

Pandemic, lockdown, and sunshine: Cocktail season is upon us!

About life outside of work...

Little known thing about me: I take my fun very seriously!

The past year, living through this global pandemic, has definitely had its ups and downs. In these difficult times, I’m incredibly grateful to have found my place as part of a few wonderful online communities.

I’m proud to have recreated this sense of “life outside of work”, making new friends along the way!

To illustrate this point, I now have a regular spot on a weekly podcast, discussing all things Manchester City Football Club.

Feel free to watch this latest episode and share any feedback — I’m always keen to engage with fellow sports fans: ⚽️🏉🏈🏀⚾️🏒🏎 — or to discover what everyone has focused on OUTSIDE of work since Covid (or prior to that!)

Monday Wisdom: “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” — apply it where needed (in life, at work, in creativity, or anywhere you see fit) and see you at the finish line!

My parents are giving me a serious case of wanderlust!

Having a hard time justifying/tolerating the selfishness of people around me traveling to Italy/Spain for a week-long holiday, enjoying bars and restaurants 😞 🤷🏻‍♂️

Work hard, but don’t take yourself too seriously!

Had to break out the #BelAir on this sunny weekend @MikeDSykes #TheKicksWeWear

No joke, I’ve been listening to this podcast since I was 13-15, about 15 years ago!

Still one of my favorite shows to listen to today!

Anyone else had their formative Internet years on Tumblr? 🙋🏻‍♂️

(Along with MySpace and early years FB/Twitter)

Ahead of #PSGASM, a great memory from last year’s epic 3-3 draw with the one and only @walexturner

Virtual Office Activity: @Spendesk Cooking Class with a famous chef! Can’t wait to taste this tiramisu!

Bourse du Commerce and its rotunda is finally fully renovated! Gorgeous area!

Was wonderful to take a day off today! Birthday week + Lunar New Year celebrations + a lovely winter walk in town!

New delivery from @1PetiteMousse — love to discover new different types of beers

Decadent leftover lunch: Southern-American style chicken & waffles

February is my favorite month and time of the year: birthdays & anniversaries season + @SixNationsRugby (always a good time for family time, together or apart!)

Nice to see some blue sky today after a few too many rainy days in a row

I’m definitely over the top tonight: not sure how she keeps up with me sometimes haha 😛 #TibzTheSportsGuy

Snow day in Paris, first time I see this in person since 2012

🐞 Taking care of our pet ladybug at lunchtime… this little one found itself in the kitchen a few days ago, and we’ve seen her pop back on occasion.

Since it’s cold outside it was time to create a little environment for her :)

I feel seen: have had to go through these hoops since 2009 so it felt nice to see an acknowledgment that immigrants have always had to deal with technology to keep up with family back home!

Perfect end of a two weeks-long holiday:
- ⚽️ #CHEMCI at 5:30pm.
- 🏈 #Ravens at Bengals at 7pm.
- 🍝 Lasagna dinner at 8pm.
- 🏉 #ASMR92 at 9pm.
- 😴 Sleep at 11pm.

I’m a simple and happy man!

The best NYE is the one you have in your own home #BonneAnnee #2021 #HappyNewYear #Byebye2020

If I hadn’t married this woman, I definitely would now, on the spot

Experimenting with #Spectre for long exposure + Post Processing in #VSCO

My German coworker came to Paris bearing GIFTS 🎁 🍻 🇩🇪

Memories from my trip around the world, on a warm summer day in Bali

Years after @danielgiaco recommended it to me in person, I’ve finally read ”All That Man Is” by David Szalay.

An introspective read for me, as I get closer to 30 years old and wrap up the year just before taking a break fir the holidays

Will be off work for two weeks starting this weekend.

Good opportunity to update and refresh my website/microblog & social profiles!

I’m participating in a (niche) podcast for the first time in ages later this evening!

Looking forward to it, but I feel a bit of impostor syndrome for the first time in a while.

Though the excitement means it’s something I care about 🤗 💙

Me, a @WashWizards fan: “Aww man, I feel sad that the Wiz traded John Wall, even for Russ”

My wife (a Maryland native and formerly living in DC) who turned me into a Wizards fan: “Well, they couldn’t win anything for 10 years, so maybe the change is good…”

Anyone who knows my wife knows how much she loves cheese— more than dessert! So I got her a CHEESE ADVENT CALENDAR this year 😆 🧀

Getting ready for Thanksgiving (since Thursday isn’t a holiday in France, we waited until the weekend)

👛 🧺 🦷 Just went in a bargain shopping spree and bought a 2 year supply of laundry detergent, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Ask me anything.

Two highlights of the day #GoodVibesOnly: - family sent over food goodies and specialities from back home - and a very good friend working for Puma gifted me this season’s @ManCity home kit

❤️ 🤩 😭

5:45pm local time, US election day. Beer o’clock? Bourbon Time?

It’s Steelers week for this Ravens fan! 💪🏼🐦 🏈 #RavensFlock

I finally figured out how to make “second screen” work on our TV, perfect for game days! #MUNCHE + #BVBSCH #RevierDerby

I’m the type of person who creates a custom @Loom video to respond to my customers, AND I WAVE AT THE END WHEN I SAY GOODBYE

Fuck 2020, we livin’! Invest in yourself, your home, your life 😊

Thinking of COVID and Parisians’ attitude of disregard of guidelines when it comes to sacrifices of their oh-so-important social life, I can only think of a quote from my wife, recently: > “Better be lonely than dead”

Nice day out today: running errands in style, shopping, and starting a locally-sourced liquor cabinet

Micro-photo-blogging series from the past few weeks in the south of France and being back in Paris

The one time I’ll support PSG: in the final #UCL final against a foreign team I don’t support…

Had to go to the fancy part of town today to run an errand…

First beer and first pizza in 3 months, had to go to the award winning #Bijou

So excited for the return of the @ChampionsLeague #UCL tonight! #CmonCity #MCIRMA

Dim sums and the slow end of my keto diet/transitioning to low-carb

So yeah today was a great first day at @Spendesk! Incredibly helpful, friendly, and welcoming team and some nice company perks to get his party started! 💪🏼