Random shots and recent life updates, including predominantly some delicious food!

Fourth (4th!) time being in the office since Covid started in March 2020.


The end of a long freaking week! Final stretch before going on holidays on Tuesday 💪🏼

For our last weekend together until she travels to see her family, we ended up going to Versailles: visiting the Royal Palace by day and enjoying the Lights & Fountains show by night!

Korean Movie night

One of the many perks living in Paris: I’ve got an all-you-can-eat pass to go to the cinema!

This evening I was planning an outing to an art house theater which was planning to show a 35mm screening of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance however their 35mm projector is down. So as a backup they’re showing The Host — which was also in my list…

Went dogsitting in the city with @chrstnerode’s wonderful Yoshi! We had a fantastic time with our new friend 🤩

Today’s trip to the islands across from the coast: Sainte Marguerite

When the President @EmmanuelMacron is planning a Public Service Announcement speech related to Covid, this is how we dine:

Street food evening at Belleville tonight #LeFoodMarket #KimchiHotdog