Shoutout @anydistanceclub for getting me to be more active this year!

Had to run an errand early morning today and rewarded myself with a long walk back, via the Canal

Wearing my “Friday The 13th” Vans slip ons (along with my ”Nightmare On Elm Street” tee) on a day that a surgeon went to town on my back with a little scalpel… Too on the nose?

2023 is the year I put my community-building and online-friendliness skills to good use on my own projects.

I’ve given enough and been burnt enough by corporations.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and joyful holidays to anyone celebrating this end of year 😊

Really appreciate y’all on here!

Together against the world — allez les bleus! #FiersDetreBleus #ARGFRA

The problem with wearing your heart on your sleeves is that one ends up caring way too much. And when things fall apart, it hurts.

Double Bucket List: seeing @WeArePhoenix at @OlympiaHall tonight 🤩 🎶 🎸 🎙️ 🥁

Honey I’m home! @FrenchTeam #Worldcup #AllezLesBleus #FiersDetreBleus