Started watching #Watchmen, at last, after reading the book every couple of years… Really loved this frame!


Another item for the bucket list: Chinese food on Christmas Day in Chinatown! Highly recommend the Green Garden Village on Grand St

🎅🏻 “Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals!” 🎄

More bucket list stuff ticked off: Rockefeller at Christmas and walking down 5th Avenue

Similarly to our Fall trip to Venice (🇮🇹): French people are everywhere in NYC and impossible to escape 😆

Lamar Jackson: Changing the game, inspiring people and pushing the boundaries of what is plausible! 🏈

American bar food, Filipino Dive Bar, Mexican Tacos, Tiki Bar, Vietnamese shack, Ramen Bar, Korean Coffeehouse, Cuban lunch spot…

NYC/Brooklyn = possibly one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. Unsurprisingly. But still!

Brooklyn + Manhattan today :)

Day 3 and #Brooklyn continues to amaze!

🗽I freaking love Brooklyn and NYC 🤩

Prescient: > ”One thing is certain: We are living in the world’s most advanced surveillance system. It was built to make money. The greatest trick technology companies ever played was persuading society to surveil itself.

”Foursquare say they don’t sell detailed location data like the kind reviewed for this story but rather use it to inform analysis, such as measuring whether you entered a store after seeing an ad on your mobile phone.”

I appreciate that @Foursquare was clear on this one

Finally got our rings, and finally made it to Brooklyn (first time!)

It’s the end of the year, so this holiday season, tell your coworkers how much you appreciate them. In private. Away from Social Media.

And as always: > ”Praise in Public, Feedback in Private.”

Hadn’t noticed that I really look like a skeleton today…

Less than two weeks left in 2019, but we’re still making the big moves!

Nothing like an end-of-the-year rush to build solid foundations for the future!

Lunch was glorious today!

Bao burgers at Baoli Bao in Paris

UGH — Why shoot yourself in the foot twice?

A big reason as to why I’m so happy to have started working at Spendesk this year is due to the amazingly welcoming team of humans I get to work with everyday.

To finish the busy year on a good note, the entire Customer Success team is playing a little game of Secret Guardian Angels: each of us is assigned a colleague, and, until the end of the year, the goal is to try to make their days a little happier with small attentions.

Today, I was delighted to arrive at the office with a little note and some sugar puffs pastries 🥐 🥰

Why humans kiss, explained | Vox

“A comic about the cultural and scientific reasons we love making out.”

“…while Slack has long had its critics, the fact that a CEO has now resigned over her Slack messages feels like a new milestone in changing opinion about the company.” | «Away’s CEO steps down: a story about Slack»

It is a testament to the writers of #TheHandmaidsTale and the actress playing Aunt Lydia that every time the character is onscreen I get really angry and exasperated! 👌🏼

Love you @WeSupportNYC 🥰 My employer @Spendesk is hiring for many different positions, amongst which #CustomerSuccess #CX #Support #Care positions!