Incoming Transmission #6 - Vegipirate

My name is Eliott, I'm 25. I used to live in Paris, working as a consultant for a marketing agency (...)

I've decided to do something else with this life, and create a new one for myself. A better life.

Eliott (aka Vegipirate) is a really good friend. In fact, we go back to our late secondary school years (‘Collège’ in French.)

Today, I wanted to share my friend Eliott’s story.


It all started when, after 2 years working in a marketing agency in Paris, Eliott started to feel uneasy, with the need to get out of the capital. He decided that he’d set up shop as a freelancer, and move back to the South of France, here, where we both belong.

When you grow up on the French Riviera and you move away, it’s really hard to be away from the warm sun, from the sea, and living inside a packed city. It’s been my experience too, after stints in Paris and over in the UK — “you can take the man out of the South, but you can’t take The South out of the man.


For the first couple of months, he decided to take a couple of trips throughout Europe, first on holidays, and later, as a digital nomad working from youth hostels, beaches and coffeehouses in between Norway, the Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal, Italy, and Bulgaria amonst many others…

When you’re in your mid-twenties, with no debt, no family, and no rent to pay, it’s easier to afford those trips. And when all you need to work is a laptop and an internet connection, you’d be a fool not to take the chance and travel the world.

Aside from his day to day life, Eliott started aching for a different lifestyle. He had always enjoyed the outdoors, nature, birds & whales, and had recently decided to follow a vegan diet. However, living in a country such as France where meat is an inherant part of the culture, it was a bit difficult to figure out what to eat, and how to cook it.

This lead him to create Vegipirate, a blog that would let him write about his travels, newly-found state of mind, but also about his recipes and discoveries in the world of vegan-friendly food.

In the meantime, he felt like he needed to take a break from the digital world, something that I experience once a year in smaller doses, when I try and take a digital cleanse of sort, getting off the grid for a couple of days or weeks.

But for him, it was time to try something new. And since mid-septembre, Eliott has been in Australia, where he’s going to live, travel, and work on a one-year “Working Holiday” visa. And here’s how his adventures begin: the rest can be found over on his website! — French is required. Otherwise, you may have to use Google Translate.


[via [Sur la route] De Melbourne à Byron Bay – Part. 1 — Vegipirate]