Fary x Colors


So let’s say I’m changing my first name… Would it make you look past the fact that I’m not as fair-skinned as other names? Like, if I get a “whiter” French name… What’s the idea, that I’ll whiten over time ? Oh sure, you “don’t even see color”. You have “a friend of a friend that’s even blacker than an Arab”, sorry.

If I was Asian and I changed my name, would that be easier for you to pronounce than “rice-paddy” ? What if I move somewhere else, do I have to change again? Is there like a clever bland name that can bypass your anger? You know, I think even if I got a more French-sounding name, you’d assume something’s up, and at some point in the conversation, you’d be like “…but what’s your real name ?”

And if I change my name, do I have to change anything else for you ? I wanna know that. Are you gonna decide how I should dress, or not dress… or if I’m a woman, how I should undress at the beach ? By the way, it’s not a great look these days, to criticize a woman for “wearing too much”. Just sayin'.

Okay, if I change my name, would you also want to change other words, that aren’t French enough for you? Like, in everyday life ? It’d be tough in the corporate world. They’ll be lost without anglicisms. No more “I’m sending it ASAP ! " “Let’s make a conf-call ! Why not ? Yes, let’s get lunch sometime ! "

Alright, if I change my name, what are you willing to change ? Say I’m down for the switch, what do you switch ? Are you gonna chill a little ? Maybe ease up a bit ? Because to me it looks like you’re just scared.

Scared to see your world change, at the hands of people like me, when you’re the one who wants me to change in the first place. I don’t even know what you want, actually. I can’t figure it out, because… You want me to change so I feel more integrated, but when I do, you think I’m “Great Replacing” you ?

If I change my name, will I finally not have to justify myself when someone who looks like me, commits a crime that doesn’t ? Or, since I’ll have changed my name, I’ll now have to apologize whenever Nicolas or Patrick screws up ? You know, as they do. Oh no you’re right, these names never need to apologize.

Alright, granted. Would it change anything for you, if the French soccer team won the World Cup twice, thanks to Frenchmen with not-so-French names ? See I’m being sarcastic, that’s as French as it gets. Ok.

Stop. Tell the truth. I was born here, but you’re still terrified

Stop. Tell the truth. You know I’m here, but you always act surprised

I’ll stop. And tell the truth I tell jokes, but that’s not really what they are.

I’ll stop. And tell the truth. I hate it, that you need to hear the truth

Stop. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth.

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