A few thoughts and resources about Racial Injustice & Empathy

This week has been draining.

It’s no longer possible to stay on the sidelines and watch the situation silently. What’s happening now in the US is a fight that also happens here in France, and in many other places across Europe and around the World.

As a light continues to shine on societal inequalities in the US and the world, these are resources I have discovered that are helping to educate me on anti-racism and systemic racism. I’d like to share them below, in the hope that it helps others learn more about the situation impacting African-Americans and the Black community as a whole.

Step 1: Educate Yourself

Photo by Patrick Tomasso


Buy some books from a local, independent, preferably black-owned bookstore. I read some of these and ordered a few more that I’m looking forward to go through this weekend:

And to my French community, most of them should be available translated in French too.


Movies & TV Shows


TV Shows

Living in/Visiting Paris?

  • Book a tour of Paris with “Paris Noir” to learn about how African, Caribbean and African-American culture connects the City of Lights. (Available in French & English)

Step 2: Act

Photo by Shelagh Murphy

Ask yourself what you can do

  • Learn about the biases that you may have, identify it, and try to think past that. Just like any exercise or habit, it gets better every single time you’ll practice.

Review diversity and inclusivity initiatives at the company you work with/for.

  • Talk about it with your local HR/Admin leaders & Management.
  • Keep in mind that diversity & inclusivity can be about different nationalities but also about differences in terms of social, educational, cultural or even economic background.

Shop at local businesses

For every single one of these points, a quick search online is all you need to be literally inundated with suggestions, so please don’t be lazy.

And I’d be more than happy to look into this some more if anyone wants to reach out privately too. And obviously, feel free to share this list around you and let me know if you were able to experience some of these resources!

I hope this helps, and I look forward to living in a better world with all of you!