James Bond with an iPhone?

With Daniel Craig signing up for yet another James Bond movie, and the Sony distribution deal having expired after Spectre, it seems that Amazon and Apple are also in the mix.

As a fan of the company, and someone who’s paid attention to their recent content play, I’d be very excited by this prospect. Oh, and another thing:

If Apple does win the bidding for these rights, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the last of Bond using some shitty Sony phone.



PS: Also, Plot Leak and Spoiler Alert.

There’s only one thing I like about this report: a James Bond wedding! It raises so many questions I never though to ask. What does a man who constantly wears a tuxedo end up wearing to his own wedding—a fancier tuxedo? Would his best man be Felix Leiter or Q? Would Adele perform at the reception? Would he risk damaging his Aston Martin DB5 by tying a bunch of tin cans to the back?