[Movie Review] Dunkirk

I'm not a fan of War movies. I think I've overdosed on too many movies and tv shows (anyone remembers Band of Brothers?) at an early age.

But with such high acclaim from critics and audiences alike, it was hard to resist Christopher Nolan’s latest offering.

I’ll say this about Dunkirk: it definitely has the Nolan touch. The gorgeous cinematography, the music, the intensity and thrill of being unsure which way the storylines are going and how the different paths are intertwined with one another.

It’s not a movie or a story that necessary appeals to me, from the start. But it executed and directed so beautifully that I let myself be captured by those characters and their journeys as they try to get out of Dunkirk (“Dunkerque” in my native language.)

I would add that I was lucky enough to watch this movie for an empty mid-week afternoon screening, in IMAX 4DX. However, unlike my screening experience, while the extra sensory experience was intact, I felt even more immersed because the film itself was in beautiful 2D, with no motion play onscreen. The image was crisp as could be, and worked incredibly well with this motion picture.


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