My Brother's Graduation

This week-end, I was in Lyon to celebrate my little brother’s graduation. We’re here with the family and actually went to a wonderful Michelin-star restaurant, which was booked last minute, with views overlooking the city.

And it literally turned out to be the best restaurant I’ve ever been too and best meal I’ve ever had. And did I mention this was my vegetarian set menu?!

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If you haven’t been to Lyon, I can only recommend it — it brings some of this French charm, blends it with great cuisine, cityscapes, and a much friendlier local population than Paris.

On our end, we took the time to re-visit the scenic streets & architecture of this beautiful city. We even went to a great little Cinema Museum dedicated to movie sets, props, miniatures, and special effects —right in the center of the old town. I highly recommend this place if that’s the type of thing that interests you!

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I’ve got 4 weekends left before leaving on my Big Trip™. I’m going to spend all of them away from home, interestingly enough —

  1. The first one being this current weekend in Lyon.
  2. I’ll be in Amsterdam next weekend.
  3. Then, I should be in Switzerland for work.
  4. Finally, I’ll away for a weekend at the end of March/beginning of April.

And I’m leaving on April 6th.

So excited!