February 11, 2017

London Day Three: Visiting Shoreditch

Once I got up, the morning shower helped me kickstart the day: it began with a solid two hours-worth of focused work across my various client projects.

I left the hotel just before noon, to go out for my daily adventure: in that case, exploring the infamous Shoreditch district! Imagine that: after having lived in the U.K. for 5 years and having taken just as many trips to London, I was yet to explore this hip neighborhood.

I knew I’d love it of course, and rightfully so: with the creative energy and newly-founded brands and businesses being all in the same place, it all contributes to a feeling of overwhelming inspiration.

Despite the freezing single degree temperature, I definitely appreciated walking around, entering concept stores such as GoodHood, Cafes such as AllPress and Brooklyn, and even enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Cook Dialy, in the Boxpark complex!

Later on in the afternoon, I came back to the hotel for a quick pit stop: recharging the batteries of my devices and my own body, as well as knocking down some more work.

It was the late afternoon/early evening when I went out again, this time for a beer with my friend Arnaud, at Zendesk’s European Headquarters, and then headed to Camden, to see Bloc Party play at the incredible Roundhouse! I’ve booked my tickets just 2 days earlier, on my first night in London.

There is something incredible, almost magical about Kele’s voice, Charlie’s guitar, this music and this venue!

Another great day full of adventures, with more to come tomorrow!

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