Winter 2016 - Day Four

Woke up after a great/long/restful night of sleep (11pm-9am).

Went to the pool around 11-12 until 2pm and had lunch at the hotel. Then we departed to the local Siem Reap airport.

As I’m writing this, we’re on our way to Hanoi for the rest of our trip. As we landed, I’ve realized that I couldn’t quite remember our arrival at the airport he first time around.

However I noticed that my parents and uncle/aunt who have been here before all marveled at the development of the country. In turns, where they are more surprised, I’m getting more excited by the minute and know that I’ll be looking forward to coming back here!

Tonight we’ll be at the hotel and tomorrow we’ll be in the train the whole night.

We arrived in Hanoi and dropped our bags. After 20mn we decided to go out and explore and look for some food. I felt just right in the ambient chaos of the Hanoi-an nightlife, like I belonged there. Unlike my mom, I don’t necessarily attribute this to genes though.