Along with a few (predominantly) American friends ranging from minorities to women, the first few days post-US election have been terrifying. From early reports of hate-crimes rising in the US to personal friends being insulted, there’s a lot of sad news coming from across the Atlantic.

Here’s my good friend Ashley:

In the days after the American election, I was threatened online again, a very chipper man on the internet threatening to rape me while telling someone else to grab my pussy. I didn't cry then. I shook with impotent rage, but tears never came. Not for that incident, anyway. I don't tell these stories for pity. When I told them before, shared them after they happened, it wasn't for pity. It was to let all the white people I know, the large, mostly conservative family that I have that see me only on Facebook, and the many conservative people in my rural Ohio hometown, it was for them to see.  I told those stories so they would KNOW that something was happening to me too- a boring ass white girl that they supposedly care about. Someone relatively high on the totem pole.

Another incident you might have heard, this time from Manik (remember Manik, from my podcast?)…

This was so outrageous it made it to a collection about the hate crimes committed on Day one:…

Stay safe out there!