“Europeans work about an hour less a day than Americans”

Americans continue to clock in far more hours than their European counterparts. Europeans worked 19% fewer hours than US citizens, which correlates to about an hour less each weekday, a new working paper shows.

If you look through the post, you’ll notice that France has the second lowest number of hours worked per week, just before Italy, with about 19.3 hours.

I’m not exactly sure where this comes from, and how it measures against the actual 35 hours work week we have here. However, it does correlate with the ongoing idea that the French are very productive, being able to “do the work” in less time than others.

Obviously, this is an average, not reflective of everyone in the French population. And just like any country-wide census, YMMV —Your Mileage May Vary.

Just… keep in mind that I might be biased on that one!


[via Quartz]