Incoming Transmission #2

This post marks an attempt to publish more personal & regular articles. I’ve actually written this part yesterday, but thought I’d split my post in two smaller and more manageable bits.

…Continued from Part 1

Throughout the day, I try to switch off of my client work to catch up on interesting newsletters, and other bit of news.1

You can also find me hanging out on my Twitter or Facebook feeds sporadically. Interestingly I’ve ditched Snapchat and catch up on Instagram and its stories because I also use the app for my client work. Posting on several accounts, I also take a minute to see what my friends have posted recently.

Around 3-4pm, until 5-6pm, I get to see and hang out with the girlfriend, as she comes home for her break from work (she works in a restaurant). Usually, she comes home and naps, and later I walk her to the restaurant and we stop for a coffee and sweet treat on the way. It’s a good way for us to spend some time together throughout our work days, but also for me to head out and take a breather from work.

It also serves two more purposes: - First, it allows me to find the time to run errands before heading home. - And perhaps more importantly, it helps me find the time to find my composure and reflect upon the tasks I need to finish before the end of the day. I usually make a mental note, or sometimes jot my thoughts down in OmniFocus, my productivity app of choice.2

I usually stop working around 7pm, when a French TV show called Quotidien comes on the air. It’s a mixture of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — two of my favourite daily talk shows in the US. Essentially, they take a critical look at the day’s news, focus on one important topic in the first half, and then take a more relaxed approach to subjects of concern.

With the French Presidential election coming on next year, you can be sure that politicians are heavily featured in the spotlight these days.

To be continued tomorrow when I’ll be talking about a totally different subject…

  1. Here’s something else that I need to write about: newsletters I subscribe to, podcasts I listen to, music platforms I use (and their different purposes.) 
  2. Another post I need to write.