What do you do?

One of the most frequent yet hardest questions I’m asked these days is “What do you do?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been asked this question more times than I can count, and every time, have given a different answer.

See, it’s very hard for me to answer this simple question. Am I a developer? No, but I can code. Am I a designer? Not at all, although I know how to use Graphic Design applications well enough to accommodate myself. Am I a web designer then? Not really, although I’ve been creating websites for clients. A (digital) marketer, maybe, then? Well, not really, and yet I’m all these things at once.

This is always a loaded question, and it’s harder to answer with relatives and people who don’t understand the web, or our industry. Because I’m hungry and I’ve got the attention span of a magpie, and since I’ve started freelancing in June 2015, I’ve worked on different projects.

Sure, as of writing these lines, I’m very much involved with my One Big Client, however, I’m also trying to take on more work on the side, that I manage over my weeknights and weekends, to complete my income and most of all, ensure that I don’t rely on a single client.

It’s been challenging, but it’s also allowed me to optimise the way I work to the point where I’ve found the time to launch two podcasts.

And circling back, it’s enabling me to live in this place I come from, the French Riviera, and work on other paid projects.


https://www.instagram.com/p/91qcAooyS2/ In concrete terms: I’ve been paid to handle a brand’s social media presence, I’ve been paid to write blog posts, I’ve been paid to create a website, I’ve been paid to help acquire new customers for a B2B company, and many other projects. So what do I do? Well it depends: what do you need me to do, *for you*?