About HBO's Girls

During this single episode — which really only spans a single night — Marnie grows more as a person and a character than she did in any of Girls' past seasons.

HBO’s Girls has produced another great episode that goes in depth with one of its most quiet characters.

As I’ve pointed out on Twitter:


My point here is that this show puts on characters that are both relatable, and yet incredibly self-destructing. So while it’s definitely worth watching to get an understanding of the millennial generation’s struggles and state of mind, I know for a fact that it does not reflect my personal life.

The characters, while being portrayed accurately, tend to be naive and go over the top as opposed to being realistic and rational. And while I know some of my peers can make the same mistakes, I also know that I myself, as well as many other friends, relatives, and people that I know, do not behave the same way.

Still, this episode was worth seeing, and this article worth reading!