Digital Digest - Episode 03: Paul Papadimitriou

Hello and Welcome to a new episode of the [Digital Digest]( podcast!

This is the third episode, and today, I'm chatting with Paul Papadimitriou, who goes by the title of Innovation Scout. We're going to chat about his childhood and international background, discuss around the topic of Identity, and look into his career as an international consultant working with organisations all around the world.

There's plenty to unpack here, so without further adue: enjoy this new episode of the Digital Digest Podcast!

[mixcloud… width=100% height=400 autoplay=1] It’s been really fun to chat with Paul, and it was an absolute breeze to record this interview. He’s a well-traveled, curious man, and I’m very grateful that he shared so much about his life, his work, and his diverse career and travels. Hearing his tales of working with different businesses and organisations around the world is not just a consultant’s dream, but a personal aspiration of mine, and having someone of his caliber on my tiny little podcast was absolutely humbling.

Thanks again for listening, and I eagerly await to hear back from you, my dear listener!

### Learn about Paul:

Find Paul on Twitter (@Papadimitriou) and at You can also listen to his different podcasts: Layovers, The Digital Loop, and keep an eye out for a new one coming very soon.

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