Introducing: the All-New Digital Digest Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Digital Digest podcast version 2.0.

Back in 2015, I wanted to experiment with audio and with podcasts. I started recording podcasts on my own time, focusing on the tech news cycle. Very soon I was spending a few hours per week recording and editing up to 23 episodes on a weekly basis. Then I decided to go on a hiatus. This coincided with a new job I’ve started, and then by moving abroad, leaving England (and Brighton) for good.

However during this time, my community of listeners grew, I stayed losing my focus and becoming aware of different problems and shortcomings. Amongst which were these :

  1. **The tech news cycle is too fast. ** Adjusting to the news and taking the time to explain it was my primary focus, but in reality I couldn't dedicate enough time and as a one man band, I spent several hours recording a single 10mn episode.
  2. I want to go more in depth with the variety of topics we discuss. And go beyond the news.
  3. And perhaps more importantly, I want to interact with other interesting individuals. See, my passion is in the people, more than the pixels. Ever had an in-depth conversation with someone and wanted to share it with those around you? Well that's what I'd like to try and recreate.

So here goes Digital Digest 2.0. I’d like to make sure the episodes are longer and possibly free flowing. I also want to experiment with a quick word before, after, and possibly during the interviews. And I want to showcase people that you may not have heard of before. And in order to do that I’m thinking about publishing one episode a month, to give me the time to offer a teaser/preview, and thank potential sponsors and prepare the next episodes.

So hang tight for the first episode coming out very soon! In the meantime if you have any question or suggestion, I’d love for you to get in touch!

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes to the podcast!