From my good friend Andrew, who also happens to be amongst the smartest men in the room, on a regular basis:

Make no mistake, this will have a profound impact on our future and our history. The deep, sinking anxiety that I've felt over the last 24 hours is something I never want to feel again, but it's merited. This is a key moment. The feeling has nothing to do with liberal vs conservative. It has everything to do with right vs wrong. I can't support what he stands for - racism, sexism, division - and I won't. That's a binary thing. This is not policy, it never has been. It's person. I'm sad that we're so divided. There's a real issue deep within the country that allowed him to rise, not unlike what we've seen in the history books. It's on all of us to fix this, in whatever way we can. And that needs to start now. We can't let the progress that generations before us worked so hard for, fought for, died for - vanish. This morning I woke up compelled to public service and politics, and I hope you did too.  If you need motivation, look at the photo below. Look at the race of the crowd. I'm fortunate, I'm a straight white male. Imagine how it feels to wake up this morning as a minority, a woman, a homosexual. The battle against hate starts now, again. I'm not a democrat and I'm not a republican. This is not party lines.